Contact Us

Mail deposits to:

Woman River Camp
P.O. Box 538,
Ear Falls, Ontario
P0V 1T0

Remember extra postage to Canada and delivery can take upwards of 3-4 weeks.

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Telephone Paul or Debbie:

Camp # (807) 808-0289 (usually May 1- October 31)

We are not permitted to have an answering machine. Please let it ring 8-10 times to give us a chance to hear it when we are outside. Then call back, lots of times one of us is standing at the phone out of breath and bummed we missed your call. LOL.

Cell # (807) 221-6570 Paul’s cell – over wifi in camp

The cell phone has voicemail. We appreciate it if you left a detailed message including your phone number. Please speak slowly and repeat your number. Our goal is to check messages everyday but occasionally it slips our mind.

Toll free: 1-866-FISH WRC (347-4972) Winter only (Nov. 1 – April 30)

The best way to contact Debbie and Paul
Email or use the contact form. Due to our remote location, we use a radio phone and satellite internet. We check our email a couple times a day.

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