2024 Hunting Rates

Rates are in U.S. Funds

Attention Non resident hunters:

All non resident hunters must be at least 16 years of age at the time of the hunt.

When you go to purchase your hunting licenses, you must present proof of hunting. Be sure to bring with you a new or old hunting license from your state or a hunter safety certificate.

Woman River Camp no longer sells fishing or hunting licenses. Purchase licenses prior to your arrival. Licenses can be purchased at a Service Ontario Centre or an Ontario Licence Issuer.

Woman River Camp Hunting Packages are flexible and can be combined when possible with other fishing or hunting packages. Please contact Paul for more details. 1-807-221-6570.

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Black Bear Hunt


7 nights / 7 days with 5 days hunting

The Black Bear Hunt Includes:

  • Semi guided hunt
  • Modern cabin
  • Fresh, pre-baited sites
  • Bait
  • Ladder stands and ground blinds
  • Assistance with tracking, trophy recovery
  • Freezer service
  • Area maps
  • Export permit
  • Boat/motor/fuel per two hunters

For more information, visit our Black Bear page.
Download our Black Bear Hunting Brochure.

Package Rates:

$2100.00 / hunter

Group of 6 or more save $100 per hunter

Remote baits (ATV or boat access) add $250.00 per bait (limited number) Book it before we bait.

Not included – non resident Black Bear License, fishing license, gratuities greatly appreciated, Sales tax (HST 13%)

Skinning, deboning and packaging in freezer bags- $250.00

Guided Canadian Archery or Rifle Moose Hunt


Guided Canadian Archery or Rifle Moose Hunt Includes:

  • 8 nights / 7 days hunting
  • Modern cabin
  • Export permit
  • Map
  • Guide
  • Transportation
  • boat/motor
  • freezer service
  • camp amenities

Guided hunts are in Wildlife Management Units, 3 & 4.

Party hunting for Moose is legal in Ontario and can increase your odds and lower costs.

Hunting Moose with and Outfitter

Package Rates:

Bull Hunt – $5995.00 per hunter
add a Cow tag (second hunter)– $1995.00
add a Calf hunt – $1295.00 per hunter

Extra Hunter with no tag – $995.00

Not included – Moose license, Outdoor Card, Fishing License,  Processing, Gratuities greatly appreciated, Sales tax (HST 13%)

Canadian Rifle Moose Hunt - unguided


Unguided Canadian Rifle Moose Hunts Includes:

  • Modern Cabin (8 nights 7 days)
  • Tag
  • Export permit
  • Maps

Unguided rifle hunts in Wildlife Management Unit 16A

Visit our Moose Hunting page for more information.

Package Rates:

Bull Hunt – $2995.00 per bull
Cow Hunt – $1995.00 per cow
Calf Hunt – $1295.00 per calf

Extra hunter without a tag – $995.00

Not included – Moose license, Outdoor Card, Fishing License, Transportation, Processing, Gratuities greatly appreciated, Guide, HST (13%)

Grouse Hunts


6 nights / 5 days

Grouse Hunts Include:

  • Modern cabin
  • Area map
  • Helpful instructions

The following licenses are required:

  • Outdoor Card (good for 3 years)
  • Non resident Small Game License

For more information visit our Small Game page.

Package Rates:

$1195.00 up to two hunters

Extra hunters in the same cabin – $450 each

Not included – HST (13%), licenses, gratuities greatly appreciated

Timber Wolf Hunt


6 nights / 5 days

Timber Wolf Hunts Include:

  • Cabin
  • Pre-baiting
  • Tracking
  • Area map
  • Export permit

A Cites permit is required to export an part of a Timber Wolf from Ontario. For more information, visit our Timber Wolf page.

Package Rates:

$2195.00 – fully guided.

Includes – transportation to bait sites, 2 days in field guide, heated blind

$1495.00 – Do-it-yourself

Includes – heated blind

Not included – licenses, HST(13%), Gratuities greatly appreciated.


Due to the high costs of repairs, guests are responsible for all damages to equipment, cabins and property.

Woman River Camp enjoys providing excellent hunting opportunities to our guests. In return, we expect our hunting guests to respect the wilderness and other hunters. Take good aim and be sure of humane kills. Thank you for your commitment to a good hunt and hunter ethics.

A wounded animal is considered a harvested animal.