Northern Ontario Fishing Trips

Woman River Camp’s unique multi species fishery offers outstanding fishing for Walleye, Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass, Yellow Perch, and Lake Trout! Come enjoy the pristine waters, variety and abundance of game fish in the Woman River chain of lakes! These quiet, remote, easy to navigate waters are an anglers paradise!

The Woman River chain of lakes

  • 8 great lakes connected by the river, no portaging necessary
  • size from 1.5 – 9 km long (1-6 miles), and up to 2430 hectares (6,000 acres) in area
  • depths over 30m (100ft) with averages varying from lake to lake
  • easy to navigate
  • many smaller sized lakes, well sheltered on the windiest of days
  • weed beds, points, drop-offs, mid-lake structure, and current – fishing paradise
  • countless bays, islands, and a seemingly endless shoreline provide remoteness and seclusion for all fishermen.
  • Do you have a desire for even more adventure? – Take a portage lake fishing trip or book a Remote Wilderness Adventure!

Walleye Fishing

Walleye is the number one sought after fish on the river system. Anglers enjoy catching Walleye with many different fishing techniques. The size of the fish varies from fishing hole to fishing hole. The largest trophy caught measured a whopping 34” long and was released to fight another day. The Woman River chain is not just about the trophies, these waters produce some of the tastiest fillets in Ontario’s Sunset Country! The average size Walleye is between 16-18”. To keep these waters producing, we keep the large breeders in the lake. Our guests are required to practice catch on all Walleye over 18 inches. I don’t know if I feel bad or jealous when guests come back and tell me they couldn’t eat shorelunch because all the fish they were catching were too big for the dinner plate! Great Walleye fishing can be found in plenty of our portage lakes as well. Walleye facts…

Northern Pike Fishing

Anglers come back to camp and describe the Northern Pike fishing with words like “explosive, ferocious, monsters”! Northern Pike are a lot like Black Bear, they have an endless appetite and are the most opportunistic fish in the lake! If it perks an interest with their fishy senses, they will try and eat it. Trophy Northern Pike on The Woman River grow to monstrous sizes with the biggest I ever witnessed measuring 52”! One of our guests has had two unbelievable days on two separate fishing trips to the lake, landing 6 and 7 Northern Pike all over 40”! Our guests are required to release all Northern Pike over 27”. We have a no trophy take out policy leaving these amazing fish to fight another day! Most of our trophy Northern Pike are caught on the Woman River chain and from our South Bay Outposts on Confederaton Lake. Monsters are also caught on most portage lakes. Fishing tips and Facts…

Lake Trout Fishing

Lake Trout have a mystical quality that appeals to the most determined angler. Lake Trout are very strong swimmers. When they decide they want your lure, you can’t reel fast enough to keep it away. Lake Trout are considered one of the hardest battling freshwater fish. Cast or troll for Lake Trout in the spring as they enjoy roaming throughout the water column and again in the fall when the lake turns over. During the warm days of summer fish can be found 30ft and deeper. Try jigging, long lining or downrigging in the deep holes near Woman River Outpost or on Confederation Lake. The average length is right around our 25” catch and release size limit, with trophies measuring as long as 40”. These “tanks” will eat anything! Even other Lake Trout! For world class Lake Trout fishing, stay at our South Bay Outposts on Confederation Lake. Trout tips…

Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Pound for pound, Smallmouth Bass are one of the fiercest fighters in the lake. Find a rock pile and there will most likely be a Bass they are ready to ambush your lure. They love chomping down on crayfish and we love it when they fly out of the water at our topwater presentations! Their shaped just like a football, big and healthy. Bronzebacks roam throughout the Woman River chain, and in Spot and Little Walleye portage lakes. The average size is 14-16” with plenty over 18” and the occasional 21-22” beast are caught. Catch them casting, jigging, drop shot rigging and fly fishing.

Yellow Perch Fishing

Anglers drool over a cooler full of Perch. Nowadays with electric fillet knives, I don’t mind putting the effort into cleaning them. They love the weeds and a patient angler can do very well with our chunky Perch. Most use a piece of nightcrawler on a hook under a slip bobber. Large Perch aren’t afraid of attacking larger artificial baits. Guests ask if the Perch have yellow grubs? In general, there are very few fish with grubs. The deeper the water the less likely they will have grubs. You can also look at the tail and gills to see if the fish has an over abundance of grubs. When thoroughly cooked, the fish is safe to eat. Help prevent the infection of fish you release by either releasing the fish in the water or wetting your hands before touching the fish. This leaves their protective mucous coating on the fish which prevents infection. Wet hands are important when handling all types of fish. Perch don’t have long lives and top out at about 15” on the Woman River.

Other great fishing opportunities include tasty Whitefish and Burbot (poor man’s lobster). Both of these fish swim in deep water. Formidable catches on light tackle! Small spoons like Hopkins for Whitefish. Burbot can be caught like Walleye on a jig and minnow at dusk in deeper water.


Shorelunch is considered to be the best part of a day’s fishing! There is nothing like cleaning and cooking your fresh catch on shore. Woman River Camp has great shorelunch sites well placed throughout the lake chain. Each shorelunch location has tables for cleaning and preparing your catch. There is a fire pit for those who enjoy cooking over an open fire. Each site also has an outdoor propane cooker for a quick cooking flame. There are bench seats to rest your feet. Some sites even have a picnic table. You need to supply dishes and all the fixings, bring a frying pan from camp and of course the fish. Remember your shorelunch fish are part of your daily limit. Bon Apettit!

Fish House

Our fish house is centrally located and close to the dock. It is screened in, cleaned daily, and always well maintained. For those who wish to take fish home, we provide clear plastic bags to package your fillets. There are electrical outlets for your electric fillet knives and vacuum sealers. Once properly packaged, bring them up to the lodge and we will freeze and store them for you. Ask for a lesson on removing “Y” bones out of Northern Pike. Or just take advantage of our fish cleaning service. Please do not clean fish in your cabin.

Conservation Policy

Woman River Camp & Outposts continues to be a leader in fishery management and conservation. Endorsed by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, our pledge to release all larger fish, ensures our trophy fish and breeding stock remain in the water. Woman River Camp & Outposts guests happily comply with our mandatory live release policy. All Walleye over 18″, Northern Pike over 27″, and Lake Trout over 25″ are to be properly released back into the lake. Woman River Camp & Outposts’ conservation policy goes a step beyond the Ontario fishing regulations not allowing any large fish to be taken from the waters our guests fish.  We are very stringent on keeping this fishery in great shape.  Even if the angler thinks the fish is not going to make it, it is to be released.

Replica fish created today are far more durable and look amazing. It really comes down to the paint job, whether it be on real skin or a replica. Properly releasing trophy and breeder fish back in the water gives fishermen the opportunity to catch the fish over again and again. The fish will continue spawning, producing offspring carrying those trophy class genes. Be sure to take lots of photos. Carry a disposable camera for a backup. A picture says a thousand words! Catch your limit but limit your catch. Thanks for your support.