Small Game Hunting in Ontario

Grouse hunting in Northwestern Ontario is simply fun! Grouse run through a cycle but for whatever reason, there are always birds around in our neck of the woods. Grouse hunting is a great time to enjoy a day walking abandoned logging roads with your favourite dog and hunting buddy. In Northwestern Ontario, we are blessed to have Ruffed Grouse, Spruce Grouse, and Sharptail Grouse populating our woods. With a never-ending network of remote roads and trails close to camp, one does not have far to travel for great hunting.

The harsh winters we have seen the past few years has provided great cover for Grouse with the deep snow. The lack of spring rain has helped the young broods survive and our populations are rising.

Walking is the way to go. My heart always skips a beat when I am walking along and miss seeing a bird (their camoflauge is amazing) and it bolts for a far off perch. Those wings make a cool noise. Hunters also utilize ATVs to access areas or take their trucks off for a 4×4 adventure. We see birds on the lawn in camp, along portage trails, just about everywhere. We typically use shotguns and small caliber rifles.

There is other small game like rabbits available to hunt on your license as well.

The remoteness of Woman River Camp puts the hunter in the middle of great hunting grounds without having to travel great distances. It’s a fun time for friends.

Grouse Hunting Package


6 nights / 5 days

Grouse Hunts Include:

The following licenses are required:

  • Outdoor Card (good for 3 years)
  • Non resident Small Game License

Package Rates:

$1195 for one or two hunters

Extra hunters in the same cabin – $450 each

Not included – HST (13%), licenses, gratuities greatly appreciated

Hunters provide

  • Proof of hunting is required to purchase a license
  • Purchase your small game license prior to your arrival
  • Food
  • Hunting gear
  • Crates for dogs

Our packages are flexible and we can adjust to accommodate individual needs. We do allow friendly dogs in camp.