Fish Measuring Device

A fish measuring device is an essential tool to have with you while enjoying a great day fishing. Today’s fisheries use a lot of different slot sizes to help keep the lakes’ fish populations healthy. Anglers need to know the fishing regulations for the waters they fish. As well as having along an accurate tool to ensure they comply with those regulations.

Really though, a fisherman just needs something cut to length or marked out to measure a specific species like Walleye. At Woman River Camp & Outposts, we like to use fish measuring devices that are commercially durable, easy to use and most importantly, accurate. We provide multiple measuring devices in our camp boats. We also loan out bump boards to guests with private boats.

  1. Sticker – for trophy fish
  2. Meassurette-n-Release fish trough – for accurate keeper fish & mobile
  3. Paddle – we suggested to a Buffalo Paddles, a local paddle maker to put a ruler up the edge of the paddle – challenging to lay across small boats.
  4. marks on the boat gunnel – for keeper fish & a great at a glance measurement.

When releasing a fish back into the water, it is important to handle the fish carefully to ensure they survive. There are a few critical steps an angler must follow when measuring their catch.

  • wet the measuring device or surface with water. It is important to prevent the fish’s protective slime from coming off on a dry surface. Worse if it is really hot.
  • ensure the fish’s nose is at zero
  • pinch the fish’s tail fins together to measure maximum length.
  • carefully release the fish back into the water
  • Rinse and wipe of your measuring device. This will keep surfaces clean of slime which helps with slipperiness (bench seat) and helps reduce the fly attractants in a boat.

The Boat Sticker – is good if it is located in a either a flat spot like a bench seat, or on a vertical surface along the floor or on the side of a boat Remember to wash the bench after each measure. The fish slime creates a very slippery surface when wet. We find the sticker to be a great spot to remind anglers of regulations and release tips and for those fish that aren’t too close to release size. Great for trophy class fish!

The Bump Board – is by far the accurate measuring device. Key characteristics of a good bump board would be – a) durability, b) does it float, c) compact, & d) accuracy. There are models that fold up, made of wood, metal, plastic and some are homemade. Back when we first included a bump board in camp boats, we made them out of wood and laminated a boat sticker on the board. They worked great but sometimes guests found them to be in the way. Today we use Measurette-n-Release boards. The float, are accurate and durable.

The paddle and the marks on the side of the boat will give a fisherman a good idea what the length is but not as accurate as the trough. I guess that is why Conservation Officers use a trough.

Remember to catch your limit and limit your keep to ensure the waters you fish will produce now and in the future!