Lost Bay / Agnew Lake

Agnew Lake is located near the Northeast corner of Lost Bay. For a couple of anglers looking for an adventurous fishing trip, this would be one of them. To access the lake, you would drive your vehicle north on South Bay Rd. to the South Bay Outpost landing. Hop in a boat and travel up Confederation and across Lost Bay to the Agnew Lake portage trail. A 200m hike across a great trail puts you at the lake.

Agnew Lake is about 1.5 km (1 mile) and 900m (3/4 mile) wide. A very clear lake with an average depth of about 2m (6ft) with a couple of deep holes out in the middle at the northwest end. I have only had a chance to fish the lake once. That day we caught a lot on very nice Northern Pike. Beautiful wide bodied fish with an average length of 25-30”. We also hooked into a few Yellow Perch. We weren’t rigged for Perch so I can’t say how many we would have caught had we been ready to target them.

Lost Bay has Trophy Northern Pike and is an incredible Lake Trout fishery. If you become tired of casting for Northern Pike on Agnew, spend a little time fishing the depths for Lake Trout.

Guided trip when towing a boat $400
Guided trip without towing a boat $350

Please book your remote wilderness adventure before arriving at camp.

Possession limits are in accordance to your Ontario fishing license and Woman River Camp’s Conservation Policy – mandatory catch and release of all Northern Pike over 27” and Lake Trout over 25”

Map Of Lost Bay Lake and Agnew Lake Trip