New Aerial Photos on the Lakes

We are going to be adding new aerial photos of rock structures, points, weed edges with our new drone. Don’t be surprised if you hear a buzz while out on the lake next year. No it’s not a giant mosquito (but it could be). It’s probably me zooming around with our new drone. We aim to display images of rocks, points, weed edges and more. Our goal is to give anglers more of an understanding of the underwater world the lakes we fish. Another tool helping anglers boat more fish!

Check out some of these great images of rock shoals and reefs near camp.

More to come!

Rock Shoal Northeast of Gut Isle. The one rock is usually always out of the water. We mark it with two-three jugs because is is fairly long.
Gut Isle and a couple of rock structures
Rock reef between Gut Isle and mainland on the way up the lake from camp. This rock pile was recently discovered. It is a hittable rock pile when we have low water.

Rock shoal close to mainland north of Gut Island. Definitely hittable. We do put a marker on it.

Rock shoal in front of Ernie’s cabin. It is hittable but we do mark it with a jug.

Rock pile near Canada North – hittable and not marked with a jug