The convenience of an Outdoor Cooker

The Outdoor Cooker has become a mainstay at Woman River Camp & Outposts. There is something to be said about cooking shore lunch over an open fire. But… the convenience of the outdoor cooker is unmatched. Powered by propane and the ability to pump out upwards of 60,000 BTU. Works in the rain and wind. Its contained so no worries about using a cooker during dry conditions or when fire restrictions are in place. Controlled heat and always a level place to put your frying pan. Cooking on the cooker at the cabin keeps the heat outdoors and no splattering grease mess to wipe up afterwards! Golden fish and tasty potatoes & onions are cooked in no time at all!

Maintenance is pretty simple. Keep it covered when not in use. Water will sit in the burner and cause rust. Resulting in a yellow flame. On occasion, an insect will crawl in and block the air intake. Resulting in a yellow flame. Simply find a skinny stick or bottom bouncer to clean out the hole. Remember to turn the propane off at the tank when done.

Woman River Camp & Outposts has propane outdoor cookers at all our cabins at main camp and our outposts. There are even outdoor cookers set up at shore lunch locations on the Woman River chain of lakes. For those days when fish isn’t on the menu, heat your chili, grill a sandwich, roast wieners or make coffee. Warm your hands on a cool day! Uses and conveniences are almost endless !

Cooking outdoors has never been so easy. Enjoy your time on the water along with a great shore lunch! Be safe and leave your site clean of garbage. Enjoy the outdoors!