Canada Moose Hunting Trip

Canada Moose Hunting Trip

Still looking for a great Canada Moose Hunting trip?  Woman River Camp has access to a few more bull tags for this season.  For more information regarding a Canada Moose Hunting Trip, contact Paul via email.

Archery and rifle opportunities.  With or without a guide.  Excellent success rate.  3 Pope and Young moose in the past 5 years.  2nd largest ever in Ontario by bow!  Contact me today for a fall hunt in 2011.

Fishing Report

Fishing has been very good so far this year.  We are seeing plenty of 25 inch Walleye.  People are still landing 40+ Northern Pike and the Smallmouth Bass are pounding a lot of different tackle.  Lately the eyes are coming along weed edges in depths from 4-12 feet.  Lots of sunny days so the weed growth ought to be heavy this year.  Still a minnow bite.  I hope to be back on the water fishing sooner than later.

Outpost Update

The place is ready for some appliances and beds.  Construction of a new dock is underway.  I hope it is finished by Friday!

We still have some great dates available in July and August for fishing.  A great time for a family fishing trip!



When the fish are there but so are the snags, switch to a slip bobber and save your tackle.


Have a great week!


Canada Moose Hunting Trip