Fishing News from Woman River Camp

July has come and gone.  A very dry month for Northwestern Ontario.  A beautiful time to be on the water enjoying the fishing and scenery!  The Loons have been very vocal this past month.  Many a moose sitings along with Black Bear, Timber Wolves and even a few Woodland Caribou were spotted.  Lots of Bald Eagles too.  With low water levels comes less biting insects.  Overall a great month to be in Canada!

Water Levels

The Woman River Chain is as low as we have seen in years.  Rocks that haven’t busted through the surface have birds perched on them and the weed growth is amazing.  The low water has given us a chance to clean out some logs on the way into Rosen Lake.  Unfortunately the water continues to drop and we were forced to make Rosen bay and lake off limits.  Water levels will need to rise up dramatically before we can get back in there.  Spot Lake has also become somewhat of a challenge to access.  The mud flat before the creek must be navigated with precision so the boat isn’t beached.  Coreless and Nelson Lakes, a long bow rope is required and sandals or rubber boots.  Boats bottom out on the sand well before reaching shore.  But we are having great success fishing no matter what!

Walleye Fishing

Water is low and the sun has been high and bright.  We have weedy Walleye.  Fish a weed edge and catch fish.  Fish a windy weed edge and catch more fish.  With the bright warm weather, the walleye are in the shade of the weeds.  The fish found on humps and points are feeding more in the early morning and late evening.  Minnows, leeches and crawlers.  Calm days, fish a slip bobber.  We have found some crayfish in eater size fish bellies.  Sparklel blue jigs are key this week.

Northern Pike are too in the weeds.  We have started to see more 40 inch fish being caught along the weeds.  Lots of crayfish in the table size Pike.  Spoons and spinnerbaits have  been working well.

Smallmouth  are on the prowl.  Lots of big bronzebacks being caught.  Beetle spins and smaller baits.  Along with Little Cleos.

Yellow Perch have been on a few fishermen’s table.  They are feeding well with some 13″ers being caught.

We still have a few openings left for the summer.  Short stays or full weeks.  It’s still not too late for a great vacation!

Yellow Perch have been doing well this week.  Fish for Perch and catch Pike and Walleye.  A little chunk of crawler.

Lake Trout – few anglers are attempting their hand at Lake Trout.  So I really don’t have a report for them.

Ear Falls – earlier in the year we reported the Village Corner was out of business.  Well A-1 Foods also closed last year in Ear Falls.  Wilson’s Fine Foods can be found in the Ear Falls strip mall.  They are open Monday- Saturday.  With the extra firefighters in town some perishable goods like milk are hard to come by some days.  Stop in Dryden at Safeway for a great selection.  You could also say hello Valerie-Ann if she is working.

We are praying for rain and hoping August fishing is as good or better than our July bite.

Be safe on the water.  Wear a life vest.