New Road sign, dock and more…what is the number one item to better your stay?

Hello from the north.

It has been a while since I posted a blog.  Let me get you up to date on Woman River Camp.

Weather has been breezy and cool but not enough to flip the lake over yet.  Yet enough moisture in the air to prevent us from roofing a few cabins.  We were able to rebuild the dock at cabin 8 and clear some trees for a limited view.  Also erected a new sign at the intersection of South Bay and Wenasaga Roads.  We hope nobody misses the turn anymore!

What is the number one item you would like to see us do at Woman River Camp to make your stay with us even better?

Fishing has been great for Walleye.  Lots of big fish being caught, around 20-30ft deep.  Minnows, night crawlers and leeches are still producing.  Gold, silver and pink were the hot colours last week.

Smallmouth seemed to have disappeared.  Or moved real deep.

Northern Pike action has been fast but we haven’t caught a bunch of monsters that is typical for this time of year.  Water temperatures are still hovering around 60F.  Some cooler nights will help.

Our Black Bear hunt has ended.  Our hunters went 8/11 and wounded only one.  They saw a combined total of 33 bears.  The largest weighed in at 370lbs taken by a rookie, Wyatt.  Didn’t quite catch his Dad’s from a couple years back but he said it sure was fun!

We are looking forward to a great moose hunt.

For those Iowa fellas who thought they saw a skunk on steroids. It wasn’t the beer. I live trapped a trophy this week. We also had a bear come into camp and beat up the 45 gallon drums we store our bait in. Caught him/her on the trail camera. Too bad our bear hunt is over. Check out the photos on our Facebook fan page.

Enjoy the fall colours.


These barrels are tough to break into but fun to throw around.