Woman River Camp’s 2015 Upgrades and Improvements

Debbie and I are always trying to improve the way we operate Woman River Camp.  Some improvements aid us by reducing the time required for a particular task.  But most of our upgrades are to add more value to the great adventures our guests come to enjoy.  Woman River Camp’s 2015 upgrades and improvements couldn’t have been accomplished without the help of terrific employees.  Thank you Joan, Ernie, Terry, Lorne and Bruce.  We sure did appreciate your hard work.

Some camp improvements had to be put on the back burner due to a wet year.  But they will most likely be on the top of the list for 2016!

2015 Upgrades and Improvements

  • cabin 7 received a new hot water tank
  • cabin 5 had the bathroom completely renovated with a new vanity and shower stall
  • the main dock had the T at the end of the dock replaced with a longer floating dock.
  • we floated the auxiliary dock down from the outpost and added it to the main dock for a third slip
  • we towed the main dock from the outpost up to the Narrow Lake portage so larger boats will find it easier docking and accessing Narrow Lake
  • we brought two docks over from South Bay Lodge and floated them up to the outpost
  • built a new boardwalk and deck at the Woman River Outpost to go with the new docks
  • started construction on docks and decks at South Bay Outpost
  • new boat ramps at Premier Lake accessed via South Bay Outposts
  • new Lowrance GPS fish finders is all ultra deluxe boat rentals
  • 5 new 30hp Yamaha motors and two ultra deluxe boats with flat floors and casting decks
  • The boat on Gerry Lake had a good life and was replaced with a newer 16ft boat with swivel seats
  • Lorne constructed a new box for the septic pump pretty much eliminating foul odors you will only find in the outhouses. lol
  • Ernie and Terry removed quite a few trees in front of cabins to open up the view of the lake
  • built a new website with responsive design.  No more needing a microscope to read content while checking out the latest happenings at Woman River Camp while on your cell phone.

And the two camp improvements that have us super excited this year were –

WE finally tore down Cabin 1 and are in the midst of a rebuild.  The original cabin lasted  42 years!  It was built in 1973 and was originally 20ft x 20ft and built on a cement floor.  The tiles were still stuck where the old kitchen must have been.  I am not sure when the addition was added to make the cabin 32ft long.  It had three bedrooms and slept 8.  The old cabin had a lot of character.   We had mixed emotions when it started coming down and took a deep breath realizing the large task at hand to have a new cabin ready for 2016.

The new cabin is 8ft longer, 800sqft. and quite a bit higher off the ground at the front. At this time, plans are to have three bedrooms.  Two larger bedrooms will sleep 3 with one set of bunk beds.  The smaller bedroom will be wheelchair accessible with two singles or one set of bunks.  The bathroom will have a shower stall and the hot water will be provided by a tankless hot water heater.  The cabin will be heated with an airtight wood burning stove.  A boardwalk will be constructed to the parking area and there will be a set of steps down to a boardwalk heading to the lake.  We hope to utilize the same deck and of course build a new outhouse and utilize some of the old wood from the original cabin..  Projected date to be back in use is June 4th, 2016!

The second upgrade or addition as it should be appropriately called.  Is the expansion of our business with the purchase of South Bay Lodge!  Most of you know we have been leasing the lodge and operating it as an outpost for a couple years.  Well we finally decided to purchase and turn it into a couple of outpost cabins on Confederation Lake.  2015 had us removing old decks, constructing new boardwalks and docks.  Leveling out the big cabin and adding a slip to the dock in the bay.  Confederation Lake and Lost Bay are an incredible fishery for Lake Trout and Northern Pike.  Lakes accessed from Confederation also offer incredible fishing for Walleye and Northern Pike.  We look forward to offering another great adventure opportunity to those who would like to explore!

That about sums up the improvements and renovations for 2015.  We are always working hard to make your adventure more memorable than the last!

Do you have a recommendation, idea for us?  Please let us know we are always looking for ways to improve our facilities and services.