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Well it is just about back to school time! I don’t think we even had a summer this year.
Fishing has been pretty good though. Even though we have recorded our highest water levels ever, the fish are still feeding aggressively. Just not in their normal haunts. Monster Pike in shallow water, and walleye still casting shoreline. Areas with current are fishing incredibly well. Jig and a minnow has been the ticket this year. Nightcrawlers and leeches have worked but….the minnow has shined.
Tough doing camp projects with the weather.  We have managed to put new roofing on cabin 2 and the lodge between rainfalls. We are hoping to do cabins 6,7, & 8 as well. Maybe when the snow flies.  Painting has definitely been out this year.
Bear hunting has been very good to date. Our 6 hunters to date have seen 12 bears and harvested 4. Louie took the largest at 370 lbs with his bow. Howard is still hunting this week then 4 more hunters to go.
2010 bookings are way ahead of schedule. Looks like people are booking early that didn’t make it up this year. We recommend to those of you who did not reserve a cabin when they left camp to do so soon. We hate to see you lose your week.
The leaves haven’t started changing yet so fall must be a couple weeks away.  We’re hoping for a dry one!  Remember to bring your rubber boots as water is still super high!

From top to bottom – highest water ever,  Fishing like a Pro and the big question.  What is missing from this photo?  First correct answer wins a fleece jacket!

Have a great day!



Don Gall

Hi Paul and Debbie,

Hope everything is going OK for you guys with the exception of the rain. We’ve had a wacky summer here as well. Cold June and July and early August. Now we get temps in the 80’s in September.

I believe the answer to your question is that Medicine Rock is missing from the photo.

Stay Dry!

Don Gall


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