Winding Down

Kids are back in school and the leaves are slowly turning colour.  Hints that fall is approaching.  Our fishing season is winding down.  Bear hunting is over and small game just started today.  I better start cutting next years firewood.

Too bad the fishing season is just about done.  We have had some great fishing these past couple of weeks at Woman River Camp.  BIG Walleye feeding on BIG minnows.  Fish are finally to their summer spots.  Albeit three weeks late.  Great fall action.  Smallmouth are hammering spinnerbaits.  Pike smacking Suicks.  Check our Mike’s 46 inch Northern Pike.  Biggest Pike of the year. Tom our guide also caught a 39″ Pike out of the same hole moments later.  Nice job guiding Tom!  Everything seems to be heating up!  Some of the best September fishing I have seen!

Bear hunting at Woman River Camp was very good this year.  We had ten hunters.  Who saw twenty-one bears and harvested eight!  We had a great mix of size and colours.  Lots of beautiful white patches on jet black hides.  We also saw a few colour phase brown bears and harvested one.  Our largest bear was 410lbs shot by Robin on his honeymoon.

The moose are finally on the move again.  Mosquitoes have been brutal lately.  The warmer weather has really created a wall of insects when you walk into the woods.  More moose by the water and the velvet is coming off.  We are looking forward to a great fall hunt!

We were off to our local pit the other day and Debbie was even shooting a 20 guage semi auto.  She is ready to get out and shoot some birds.  Our grouse population is rising and she is hoping to put some in a pot!

I am looking forward to a couple of weeks with out rain so we can put metal roofs on a few cabins and of course split some wood.

Remember it is hunting season so be seen!  Where hunter orange even if you are just out for a walk.  Be safe.

Shoot straight,


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