Fishing and Travel report to Ear Falls, Ontario, Canada

Hello everyone,

We are still receiving questions about Hwy 502 as a travel route to Ear Falls and then onto Woman River Camp.  Hwy 502 is presently being paved.  Guests inform us they have experienced delays of 10 – 60 minutes in total.  Usually by a flagman.  Our summers are short up here so the road crews even work weekends.

South Bay Road was graded last week and is in good shape.  We received an inch and a quarter of rain last night so hopefully there weren’t too many soft spots.  Watch out for our Ontario Hydro crews changing out some of the poles along the road.

Camp life has been great.  Lots of water in the lake….not as much as last year.  I blew the belt on the lawnmower so the grass is a little long.  Blueberries are ripe and people are out picking them.

Ok so now that all that info is out of the way.  Lets move on to the important things like fishing report.

Not many anglers are fishing portage lakes this week.  Snakeweed has fished well and so has Spot Lake…42 inch Northern along with a couple 18″ smallies highlighted the Swanson family’s portage.  We are catching fish everywhere this week.  Some guys are trolling spinners along weed edges and catching nice Walleye and others are fishing 18-20″ deep with jigs and catching big Walleye.  The heat in the middle of the week made the day a little slow….no wind and sunny.  Not the best Walleye fishing conditions.  This brings me to a good point.  It is great to plan a fishing day and set out to target specific species.  Just remember that sometimes it is better to catch what is biting than to fish for what you would like to catch!

Bait wise, leeches and nightcrawlers are picking up steam.  Minnows are still holding their own.  Walleye are consistently being caught on mid lake humps and points.  Hot jig colour of the week is black.  Black and orange spinnerbaits for Northern Pike for the eater size.  Be prepared to go deep for the big guys!

Smallmouth on the rocks!

Lake Trout – 10z jigs and some bait.

Walleye – Lindy rig – sliding weight and a hook.  Coloured hooks sometimes help!

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Have a great day!


Jig and a twister tail!

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