Fishing summer Walleye and Northern Pike in Canada

Our fishing has been tremendous of late.  Pull up to a windy shoreline and start casting with a search lure.  Catch a Walleye and switch to a jig and minnow.  Seven feet has been the magical depth for the most part.  We are starting to see Walleye move to rock humps and points but the weeds are winners these days.  Lots of small minnows in amongst the weeds.  Don has been coming forever.  We are his fourth camp owners.  He caught his biggest Walleye ever a fat 28 incher on a jig and rubber grub.  Not two miles from camp.

Trophy Northern Pike have become a little harder to catch.  Lots of crayfish in their bellies.Trolling deeper, 10-20ft or again working the weeds with a spinnerbait.  White has been a hot colour. We have been topping out lately with 35 fish.

Smallmouth are hitting anything you toss.  You just have to present it to them.

Water levels are above average for this time of year.  Bugs haven’t been too bad.

Looking forward to another fantastic week of fishing at Woman River Camp.

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