Thank you.


I must say that this year was one of the most amazing that we have had among many to the Woman River system.
The fishing was absolutely great and a picture of my 41” Northern is attached as testament to the great fishing we experienced.
We actually lost count of the number of Walleye in the 19” to 25” category that we released and the several 29” plus Northerns
caught and released.

There was no lack of “eaters”, as we had sufficient catch for supper within 2 hours of hitting the water on arrival day.
The weather, which we know you can control at will (not) was for the most part cooperative.  Although the skies threatened on 3 or 4 days, we only got rained on late one afternoon.  The overcast skies with a bit of a chop actually helped the fishing, I believe.  Jigs and minnows and Lindy rigging seemed to be the producers.  Spoons for the Northern, when they weren’t chasing the other catches.  As I related to you, on the second day at the “S” weeds I had a 35 ½ “ Northern come up a take a smaller 12” – 14” one that I had on the line….head on…. another catch and release.

Paul, Debbie, Valerie…and Timber, it was a great experience…again to spend a week at WRC experiencing some great fishing and equally great hospitality.  There are  only 2 disappointments from a stay at WRC…..1) having to leave and 2) the long 12 months until the next visit.    You are more than “hosts” you are our friends!!!…. Looking forward to seeing you next Spring…

On behalf of Roy, Brent, Dan and myself.
Have a great summer.

Mark Wine

International Business Manager
Missouri Department of Economic Development

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