Fishing Canada – pre order your live bait

When you are fishing Canada, especially at Woman River Camp, pre-order your live bait.  We are glad to save you a stop on your way to camp.  Let us know in advance and we will have your bait in camp waiting for you.  Leeches by the pound or night crawlers by the flat.  We always have minnows in camp.

We had a major mayfly hatch a while back.  When I posted the Top 5 Techniques for a Mayfly Hatch.  You needed to be fishing the flats and in the weeds to hook fish.

The hatch is over and the Walleye should start to move to their summer habitat shortly.  This week it was obvious a Walleye chop on the water sure made catching easier.  The flat sunny days were great for fishing weed edges or casting for Northern Pike and Smallmouth Bass.  Minnows, leeches and night crawlers are all catching fish.

Sheryl landed her largest Northern Pike ever – 42″ on a pink spoon.  Paul thought he had the big Walleye for the week in his group and money in the bank with a 27″er but the rookie, Alex, blew him away by landing a 30.5″ Walleye on a jointed Rapala.  He was fishing for trophy Northern Pike at the time.  Daryl and the boys spent some time Lake Trout fishing and landed a bunch.  It was just getting good when a thunderstorm blew in and they called it a day.  Big Trout of the week was a 30.5 inch caught by Shawn.

Fishing Tip – Last week I had the task of removing another treble hook from a man’s hand.  Two hooks one finger.  Save some pain and go barbless!

I had a chance to go up to Bathurst Lake – one of our Remote Lake Adventures.  Great company and pretty good fishing considering the thousands of mayflies on the surface.  Seagulls were having a feast.  We boated close to a hundred Walleye.  Could have been more but the bite was super light.  The bigger fish were caught in the afternoon on Mepps (firetiger with white bucktail) while casting for Northern Pike.  The Walleye were just pounding them!

Comment of the week – “forget the take home fish, we are having too much fun landing lunkers”

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Keep your line wet and tight!


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