Top 5 techniques for a Mayfly Hatch

Spring came early and we are expecting the Mayflies to hatch early too.  We have seen a few on Loon, Gerry (I caught a 35″ Northern Pike today), Narrow and other parts of the Woman River Chain of lakes.

Fishermen always think the worst for a Mayfly hatch.  But there are techniques that work.  Here are my Top 5 Mayfly tacklers
  1. down size all baits, live baits, artificial, lure size etc.
  2. use bronze, gold,  brown, black lures
  3. fish the mud flats with a slow vertical retrieve or on the surface.  Some casting will work but slow is the key.
  4. Slow way down with a slip bobber, small minnow or a piece of a nightcrawler
  5. Baits to try . Blade baits like a Cicada, Slip bobber, Mayfly flies – fly fishing, Whistler Jigs, Spinner rigs with hammered finish.  Basically some vibration and colour.

Come prepared, the hatch is coming soon.

This past week has had its ups and downs for fishing but overall a stellar week.  Big Walleye 27″,  Northern Pike 41, Smallmouth 18 3/4.  The Lake Trout are still elusive.

I finally finished renovating cabin 6 bathroom.  My back is in good shape and I am ready to split wood.  Debbie and I slipped out and went fishing today.  We spent a couple of hours down at Gerry lake.  We probably caught 15 fish with one being a 35″ Northern Pike.  It was a great fight.  Debbie video taped it so I hope to put it up on youtube.

Check out our Woman River Camp Fan Page on Facebook for some great photos from last week.

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