Hwy 502 is closed

Due to heavy rain, Hwy 502 between Hwy 11 East and Dryden, ON is closed due to a section washed out. The repairs will be done when the water goes down.

The alternate route to Woman River Camp is to go West on Hwy 11 out of Fort Frances to Hwy 71. Take it north to Hwy 17 and then head East to Vermillion Bay and then North to Woman River Camp.

Have a safe trip!


Ken Witt

Hi Paul My name is Ken witt we are leaving here on the 20th of june Cary Bomkamp told us we should contact you about maybe getting some minnows from you if possible.We are going to stay at his place till the 26th,Bill Vandemolen also said if we had any problems to contact you we really appreciate any thing you could help us out with bringing my daughter on her 1st trip to canada and also my pastor and his kids and father in- law and his father.Do you think 502 will be open by next weekend?Also is it alright to give our familys here the phone number to your place in case of emergency? Again thank you and God Bless Ken Witt


Hello Ken,

Yes 502 should be reopened. The saturday morning after my blog post, they had it open to one lane. Let me know what you need and we can help.




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