GST Visitor Rebate….Potatoes…….Fishing Report

Not too many folks took advantage of Woman River Camp’s 25% off last week……. those who did sure had great fishing. Lots of big Walleye, 45 1/2″ Northern Pike and plenty of Bass and a few Lake Trout.

Our Walleye have started to school in wind blown bays. If you could hold the boat or use an anchor to slow your drift, Big Walleye were in the boat! Gerald and Mike were a last minute booking and Gerald landed his biggest Northern Pike ever. A monster measuring over 45 inches without pinching the tail! I wish he had a digital camera in the boat. I can’t wait for the film to be developed. The Walleye bite was on minnows and leeches. The Bass fishing slowed down. Maybe on their nests. A few Lake Trout caught but they have moved deeper as water temperatures broke 19 C /68 F.

This week weather has really limited fishing. Thunderstorms Saturday and Sunday limited time on the water. Matt’s first fish of his trip was a fat 42″ Northern Pike. Water temps dropped to 14C/61 F. Debbie just called. Fishing has picked up today with a bunch of large fish being caught.

Portage lakes were used for the first time late last week and are all fishing very well.

Potatoes crossing the border People crossing the border from the U.S.A. are allowed to bring 10lbs of spuds across per person. The potatoes must be Grade 1 or Grade A.

Due to the 75-125 mm (3-5 inches) of rain we received in the storms, South Bay Road has a few wet spots. Be careful at Kilometers 35, 36 and 37. There is water going over the road in these spots as of 3:00pm yesterday. Take your time on the road and when/if you come to one of these spots. Usually the best spot to cross is through the standing water on the side the water is flowing from. It is best to get out of your vehicle and walk through the water before crossing with a vehicle. Hopefully the road will be in great shape for change over on Saturday. Bridges are still one lane on Hwy 17 and Hwy 105.

The GST Visitor Rebate is back. Use the following link for the form and send it a copy of your receipt for your tax rebate.  GST Rebate Form

Sorry, I have no photos this week. I am posting this from Dryden as I wait to see a Chiropractor.   I must be working too hard and not fishing enough:)   Looking forward to being back in camp tomorrow.  Just in time for burger night!

At least I was able to watch the Blackhawks and Flyers play game two of the Stanley Cup Finals. A big hole for Philly down 2-0 in the series.

Remember to keep your line tight!