Ice Out Update and trip info

It’s finally raining cats and dogs.  Launched our first boat this morning.  Ice should be gone soon.

Anyone shops at our Liquor Control Board of Ontario (which is our liquor store)  They look to be heading for a strike beginning May 18th.  Purchase your liquor before crossing the border.  Our Brewers Retail will still be open but they sell beer only.  Any little liquor store like Dutchies in Perrault Falls will not be open as far as I know.

Looking forward to a great opener!

Keep your line tight.



First boat in the lake…May 14th!

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Paula Scheller - Roger Ort

Hi Paul,
I spoke with Roger Ort last night at our Committee for a benefit for Georigieann Learman. Roger had mentioned speaking with you about a possible donation from you. Roger asked me to send you the information we have regarding the benefit for consideration. I am sending a copy of the poster and tickets that were drawn up. George’s medical information and story is written in the poster. There are many new developments with George and if you would like that information, I should be able to get the details. Please let me know if there is anything else you would like to have for consideration in a donation for the event. Thank you in advance. Paula Scheller and Roger Ort.
PS I will be sending the attachments on the e’mail provided or I will try to get the info copied on this site. Again, thank you for your consideration.


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