Lake and Camp Conditions May 9, 2013

Lake Conditions May 9

  • Debbie and I headed to camp Monday, May 6.  We arrived on a beautiful day.  a warm breeze was melting snow and ice.  It was a slow trip in with loaded vehicles and watching from frost heaves in the road.
  • The generator fired right up for me and we unloaded the gear.  Checked the cabins for any major damage and all was good.
  • The phone is working but our internet satellite is out of whack so we have no internet.  I have come back to Dryden for some roofing supplies and to check email.  If you need to reach us, call 807-222-2068 between 7-8am or 8-9:30 pm.  The rest of the time we will be out working and may not hear the phone.  The phone is only turned on between 7am and 9:30pm to be sure we get our rest.
  • I drilled a hole in the ice May 8, about 50  ft out from the dock.  There was about a foot of slush and then only 10 inches of ice.  Hopefully it will be long gone by May 18.
  • Winter was hard on the cabins with frost heaving the buildings and decks.  But hopefully we can have things running as smoothly as possible by the time guests arrive.  We have yet to hook up water so we are paling from the lake and heating it up on the outdoor cookers to clean cabins.  Of course there are no boats in the lake yet.
  • Hopefully we will have the internet up and running in the next few days.  Otherwise, I may have to drive to town for updates and possibly watch the odd NHL playoff game.  (GO LEAFS)

Stay tuned for further updates.



Only 10 inches to go May 8, 2013

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