Register for Ontario Angler Awards before your Canada Fishing Trip

Before your next Canada Fishing Trip, register for the Ontario Angler Awards Program.  A great way for you to show your friends the great catches you have at Woman River Camp!

Registering is quick and easy.  Fishing Canada has never been so much fun!  The Woman River Chain has 7 out of the 19 species you can enter!  A great way to keep your children interested in fishing!

Here is a list of the 7 fish you can catch on a Canada fishing trip to Woman River Camp and minimum lengths required.

Yellow Perch >= 12″


Lake Trout >= 26″

Northern Pike >= 30″

Rock Bass >= 10″

Walleye >= 25″

Whitefish >= 22″

Smallmouth Bass >= 17″

Remember the really big monsters, like the ones we catch at Woman River Camp, require a photo.  So don’t forget to put the camera in the boat on your next Canada fishing trip.

We will be talking photos in an upcoming blog.

I am heading to Woman River Camp next week for an ice fishing trip.  I hope to register a few fish for the Ontario Angler Awards!

Fishing Tip – Most fish have the ability to look up.  It’s better to be on the shallow side when casting or trolling baits on your next Canada fishing trip

Keep yer line tight!


Register for Ontario Angler Awards before your next Canada Fishing Trip

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