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Choosing the right fishing line helps to boat more fish

The shelves in retail stores are loaded with different fishing lines.  But what do you really need to use to help you boat more fish? Fishing line options Monofilament produced in many different colours from clear to hi vis orange lines are made for specific reels and level of abrasion resistance easy knot tying Fluorocarbon… Read more »

Better Boat Control puts more fish in the boat

Boat Control is essential to put more fish in the boat!  There are a few different techniques to keeping your boat positioned over productive fishing waters.  Most Northwestern Ontario Fishing Camps like Woman River Camp utilize most of these techniques.  The most important one to become proficient at would be back trolling.  At some point… Read more »

Tackle Tip – Freedom Tackle Stealth Jig heads

Plan to bring along a few live action Freedom Tackle Stealth jig heads on your next fishing trip to Canada.    The Freedom Tackle jig heads allow you to inter change hooks, have realistic eyes, and a great finish.  Because the hook is not permanently attached to the jig head, it swings freely giving your… Read more »

Win a Free Canadian Fishing Trip for Two!

Like us on Facebook for a chance to win a free trip for two! Ear Falls Ontario Fishing Camp Remote, drive-in camp located in Northwestern Ontario, Canada, Woman River Camp is off the beaten path, resulting in the best of both worlds – remote and easy to travel to. With 80% repeat guests, few others… Read more »

Spring is coming a little slower this year.

There was 18 inches of snow in the driveway when I came into camp on Wednesday. Today it is suppose to rain up to 15mm. That will help the ice melt. I was still walking on the ice yesterday with no problem. Launched the pontoon. lol We have the phone working and the internet. Debbie… Read more »

Register for Ontario Angler Awards before your Canada Fishing Trip

Before your next Canada Fishing Trip, register for the Ontario Angler Awards Program.  A great way for you to show your friends the great catches you have at Woman River Camp! Registering is quick and easy.  Fishing Canada has never been so much fun!  The Woman River Chain has 7 out of the 19 species… Read more »

Text with Paul at Woman River Camp

I am trying to become more available to our guests for quick questions, short conversations and just to stay in touch with our family of outdoorsmen! Text Moss at 807-221-6570. Another way for you, our friends and guests to stay in touch with us @ Woman River Camp. Share some laughs. Fluorocarbon fishing line is… Read more »

The Fisherman’s Checklist

The Fisherman’s Checklist – created by Woman River Camp! After providing fishing trips to thousands of guests with all ranges of angling experience (and all ranges of luck), we’ve been able to create the ultimate Fisherman’s Checklist of what you need to bring fishing! The Fisherman’s Checklist is actually Two-Lists-In-One: The Absolute Essentials The Nice-To-Have-Along… Read more »

Fishing Rod and Reel Tips

I like to fish a 6-7 rod with a fairly stiff tip when I am jigging or casting cranks, and light spoons.  Fishing rods that extend all the way through the handle to the butt will give you more sensitivity.  Be sure the rod has some backbone for good hook sets.  Match a reel to… Read more »

Perch Fishing Tips

Perch Fishing Lures The best lures for perch fishing are chartreuse, silver, and white in colour. Jigs Beetle Spin Slip Bobber Tube Jigs In-line spinners Plastics Small crankbaits

Walleye Fishing Tips

Walleye fishing Main colours for Walleye are chartreuse, orange, red, blue, black, white, gold, and silver. I lean towards the perch colours like chartreuse and orange. Most of our walleye are caught on some type of a live bait. Northland Weed Weasel or the likes for casting and trolling through vegetation. Northland Whistler jigs or… Read more »