Walleye Fishing Tips

Walleye fishing

Main colours for Walleye are chartreuse, orange, red, blue, black, white,
gold, and silver. I lean towards the perch colours like chartreuse and orange.
Most of our walleye are caught on some type of a live bait.

Northland Weed Weasel or the likes for casting and trolling through

Northland Whistler jigs or Blackmore’s Roadrunners are great for trolling
and casting. Excellent in stained water and during mayfly hatches!

Floating jig heads with a bottom bouncer or foot sinker for finicky fish.

Beetle Spins

Suspension crankbaits like the Rapala Husky Jerk or Smithwick Rattlin Rogue
can be fished all year long.

Shallow water cranks like floating Rapalas and Cotton Cordell Ripplin Red
Fins. All year long.

Jigging spoons like the Swedish Pimple, Buckshot Rattler, or Hopkins spoon
for deeper walleye and schooled fish later in the summer.

Live bait spinners for leeches, night crawlers and minnows. Single and
double hooks. Blade size can vary. Use bottom bouncers, in-line weights, or split
shot to achieve the proper depth. Great search lure and summer trolling method. Be
sure to have a few 6ft leaders.

Slip bobber for suspended and finicky fish.