The Fisherman’s Checklist


The Fisherman’s Checklist – created by Woman River Camp!

After providing fishing trips to thousands of guests with all ranges of angling experience (and all ranges of luck), we’ve been able to create the ultimate Fisherman’s Checklist of what you need to bring fishing!

The Fisherman’s Checklist is actually Two-Lists-In-One:

The Absolute Essentials

The Nice-To-Have-Along Items

Gain Free Instant Access to this great time-saving list. Download and print it out, and check off the items as you pack for your fishing trip! Make sure you never forget the essentials ever again!

19 Responses to The Fisherman’s Checklist

  1. hello…Bob Bramlett from Indiana here. We were up June of 2008….Not heading north of the border this year (getting my Master’s Degree) … We usually vote on our next trip, but I am going to demand we come back up there. great service, fishing (especially Spot Lake), and priced right.

    • Thank you for interest in the fishing trip checklist!

      Please enter your email in the form above to enjoy the informative content about Woman River Camp and fishing in Canada! The Fisherman’s Checklist will help you plan your next trip to Canada – so even the trip is a vacation. Hope to see you at Woman River Camp!

      Thanks and have a great day!

      Paul & Debbie

  2. What are some of the bag limits on fish….. I do CPR but if i go up that far I better bring some back for the family….Don

    • Hi Don,
      Thanks for the question. Each fisherman with a valid license is permitted to possess the following limits for take home fish. I will only list the fish on the Woman River Chain.
      Conservation License – 2 Walleye, 2 Northern Pike, 2 Smallmouth Bass, 25 Perch, 25 Whitefish, and 1 Lake Trout.
      Sport Fishing License – 4 Walleye, 4 Northern Pike, 4 Smallmouth Bass, 50 Perch, 50 Whitefish, and 2 Lake Trout.

      There are size restrictions on some of the species regardless of the license you possess.

      I hope this answers your question. What time of year do you like to fish?

  3. before I die, my wish is to fish for a big walleye, if there is any chance for a trip to win please pick me. I will be forever grateful. Billy Glaze

  4. Hi Paul and Debbie,

    My Dad (John MAdejczyk & I) are coming up with a group of Family in June this year. We were trying to download the fisherman’s checklist but have not been able to access the file. If possible, please email me the instructions or a link to where we can access the file. Thank you for your help with this. We cannot wait to get there this year, we hope the ice is out by the time we get there in mid-June! Hope all is well with you guys.


    Jeff Madejczyk

  5. Please send us the book for Fisherman’s checklist. Also what is the deal with the liquor stores in Canada. Where should we buy beer before we come in? I heard something about them being on strike maybe. How much are we allowed to bring into the cabin? Thank you for the information.

    • Hi Lorraine,

      Liquor and Beer Stores are open usually Mon-Sat. Not on holidays or Sundays. Our local liquor store in Ear Falls sells both beer and liquor with a limited type of beer. Beer stores give you the best variety. Our local store also closes either Monday or Wednesday during the summer. They just got a new contract last year so I doubt they will be on strike. You are allowed to bring a 40oz bottle or a 24 pack of beer across the border duty free. You can also bring more and pay the duty. Some people find paying the duty cheaper. They limit you to 5 cases of beer per person. Hope that helps I’ll email you the fishermens checklist.

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