Fishing Rod and Reel Tips

I like to fish a 6-7 rod with a fairly stiff tip when I am jigging or casting cranks, and light spoons.  Fishing rods that extend all the way through the handle to the butt will give you more sensitivity.  Be sure the rod has some backbone for good hook sets.  Match a reel to the rod for a good balance.  I prefer a smooth front drag and instant anti-reverse.  Spool with 6-8 lbs. test line.

For a second rod I like a 6-7 two handed bait casting combo with a fast tip to cast crankbaits and lighter tackle.  The reel needs a good drag and anti backlash magnets.  Spool with 10-14 lbs. test line.  This rod I will use with a snap swivel for bottom bouncers, casting or trolling for Northern Pike and Lake Trout.  Most importantly use equipment you are comfortable with.  The rod telegraphs the bite and the drag on the reel does most of the fighing.  Always check your drag!

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