Tackle Tip – Freedom Tackle Stealth Jig heads

Plan to bring along a few live action Freedom Tackle Stealth jig heads on your next fishing trip to Canada.   

Stealth Jig Head

The Freedom Tackle jig heads allow you to inter change hooks, have realistic eyes, and a great finish.  Because the hook is not permanently attached to the jig head, it swings freely giving your plastics an irresistible live action presentation.  The Stealth model can stand up your plastics when sitting on the bottom of the lake, but where they really excel is fishing the weeds.  The Stealth has the eyelet on the very front, giving it a much easier path through the weeds.  Attach a worm hook like a Gamakatsu wide gap and then feed your plastic bait onto the hook.  Keep it straight and tuck the point of the hook back into the plastic to make it even more weedless. This presentation is deadly in Canadian cabbage patches for Walleye, Northern Pike, and Smallmouth!

Weedless Plastics (not the Stealth)deadly in cabbage patches for Northern Pike, Walleye, and Smallmouth Bass.

These Freedom Tackle  jigs run about eight bucks a pair so if you are like me, you  don’t want to be loosing them.  It’s not a jig I bounce amongst the rocks for fear of snags.  Use a wire leader that you can tie directly to the jig head so there isn’t a snap which will hook up on weeds.  This will save them from being bit off by those toothy predators you are targeting.  Soft plastics take a beating.  Extend their life by packing a small bottle of super glue for quick repairs.

Add a few Freedom Tackle jig heads to your tackle box for your next fishing trip.

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Thanks for the new newsletter. I won’t be able it to Des Moines this weekend. I sent Paul a text if he can make it. Like the info about the new lowrance units and the waypoint idea. Can we fish 3 people in the deluxe boats? If so book one for Gary, Wally, and me for the week of July 11-18. That way I won’t have to drag my boat all the way up. Glad to hear Debbies wrists are getting better.
If my math is right we are only 130 DAYS FROM JULY 11!

Darwin, Mark, Paul,Gary, and Wally

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