Spring Cleaning has commenced!

We made a quick trip up to Woman River Camp last wednesday.  The road in was in pretty good shape.  Looks like the logging company has built up a few areas with more gravel.  Camp was also in good shape with little winter damage.  We were able to do some brush cutting in front of cabin 7 and along the shop.  Cleaning up the views.  The water is low.  There is a ban on daytime fires.  We need some rain.  This is a tough time of year to be dry.  Most lakes still have ice yet the forest is dry.  Tough for water bombers to find open water to pick up and drop.

We did manage to go fishing wednesday afternoon over to Confederation Lake for some Lake Trout.  We ended up chipping out some old holes as we forgot the auger.  Other than watching Timber have fun on the ice, we landed no fish.  I did have two strikes that I missed.  The next afternoon we headed off to Bathurst Lake for some Walleye….that’s another story!  Heading back up next week for some more work!

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