Spring Trophy Northern Pike and more Pleasure Craft Operator Card info

I am heading to camp to check on ice conditions and how soon our Spring Trophy Northern Pike fishing will be happening!   Check out Northern Pike Fishing Canada Style on our YouTube page.  I can’t wait to be landing a bunch of these monsters!

I have had lot’s of conversations regarding the new Pleasure Craft Operator Card. My last trip to camp,  I picked up a Rental Boat Safety Checklist.  The Rental Boat Safety Checklist  is an alternative to investing in a Pleasure Craft Operator Card.  The Checklist is a one page document.  We, Woman River Camp, must review the checklist with boat rental operators.  Some examples on the form are:

-“I am aware it is illegal to operate a pleasure craft, or permit others to do so, when under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or barbiturates'” .

– “I have been shown and understand the operation of the throttle and gear shift lever”.

Once the checklist has been completed, the boat operator signs off on the form.  I predict each form will take approximately 5 minutes to fill out.

For guests who bring their own boat, Woman River Camp will review a similar checklist to ensure safe operation of your vessel.

Woman River Camp will give priority to guests with a Pleasure Craft Operator Card. This is only fair to those who have taken the time to be certified.  You may be able to obtain a similar Pleasure Craft Operator Card from your home state.  This will work in Canada.  Sometimes even costs less than the Canadian Test at places like BoaterExam.com

The Rental Boat Safety Checklist  forms are an added cost to Woman River Camp.  At the present time, we do not for see passing the cost onto you our guests.

The reason the government has instituted the Pleasure Craft Operator Card is due to an irresponsible individual operating a personal watercraft (jet ski) in a highly populated beach area. Unfortunately, causing the death of a swimmer.

I hope this clarifies things for everyone.

On a completely different subject, I officially declare spring is here, at least in Dryden.  Last night the tree frogs were chirping.  Today I smacked my first mosquito!



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