Summer Fishing



I know I stated summer was here last posting but sometimes I wonder!  Cool weather and rain have been a good part of the forcast lately up here near Ear Falls.  We can’t compete with Mother Nature.

Our prayers go out to those families who lost loved ones when the tornado tore through a fishing camp south of Ear Falls.  We luckily had no serious damage from that night of storms.  Some of our fishermen kept fishing (action was hot) while they could here a storm, they thought was far away, until a bolt of lightening hit the water a few hundred yards from their boat.  Don’t take a chance with Mother Nature.  Take cover along shore.  You are not likely to be hit by lightening in the forest as on the water with a fishing pole in your hand. 

Border crossings have been going extremely well this year.  I haven’t heard of any troubles by our guests.  Remember no potatoes and if you are bringing bait, no Smelt, and night crawlers need to be in artificial bedding 7 days prior to crossing the border. 

Remote fishing AdventureI had a chance to take some fishermen up to our Bathurst Lake.  One of our new  Remote Adventure Trips.  For being only 55 F out windy and drizzling, we had a blast.  Caught a pile of fish (probably fed them more bait).  What a light bite.  We saw a cow moose with her calf swim across the lake and a bald eagle sat and watched us catch Walleye.  Good times!

Fishing on the the Woman River Chain was great this week also.  Lots of big Walleye with a 28″ topping the board.  Jigs, Lindy rigs with crawlers or leeches worked best.  Minnows ruled the day we had a cold front.

Northern Pike action is picking up with a bunch of 30-39 inch fish and a 40 made big fish of the week!  Most people caught while Walleye fishing although the cabbage is up and spinnerbaits and Johnson silver minnows were catching.

 Nice eh!

Smallmouth Bass were on fire this week.  I believe the spawn is over and the fish are agressively feeding.  Inline spinners were a big hit with the bass.

Again all portage lakes are fishing well.  Big Northern Pike on Corliss with a bunch of Walleye.  Narrow produces Walleye like a factory, and Spot, well Spot is Spot.  Some of the lakes haven’t been used recently which can be a bonus to the next group in looking for a fishing tale!

We are gearing up to commence our bear baiting full time and are looking forward to another successful year with hunters.

For all those hunters out there we have two bull tags come available to us.  Please contact Paul for details if you are interested.

Bookings really filled up this summer.  Which was a blessing.  We do however have some space still availble.  Aug. 8-15, Aug. 22-29 and in through September.  Drop us an email and we can find you a cabin!

Great fishing and fun this summer!

Tip – two casts shallow, one deep!



Wait for me Mom!stoggies-in-the-boatFishing in the rain!