Summer is here

Well, we believe summer has arrived at Woman River Camp.  Late but here.  Warm weather, sunshine, showers and a nice Walleye chop! 

Smallmouth are hitting topwater, Walleye are eating nightcrawlers, and the monster Northern Pike have setup in their ambush spots on the lake.  The only thing missing to have the Walleye move to their summer spots is a complete mayfly hatch.  We have had a good hatch down here in Rosen bay.  For the next couple of weeks, I would pack some small Northland Whistler jigs, black and gold.  A couple small Cicadas and some brown rubber worms.  Just encase the hatch happens.

Portage lakes have been fishing extremely well and the main lake system has been producing big fish.

I had the chance to show a couple of my brother’s inlaws some fishing holes over the past couple weeks.  Dan and Brenda caught a pile of fish and Dan hooked into a couple of huge Northern Pike (42.5 and 43 inch).  Too bad they are still using 35mm cameras or I would have a few photos.

Of course my luck would have it that it was a beautiful week weather wise.  This meant a few days on the lodge roof.  We finally helped Tom get over his fear of heights and reroofed the lodge.  I was glad for some rain today so I could take a break.

Brenda meets Walter

Lots of bears and wolves showing up at the local drive-in.  We even have a large four legged visitor here in camp to watch out for.  Remember to keep your camp area clean of food and tasty treats!

Remember start shallow and work deeper.