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Springtime Tune Up

Springtime Tune Up. You wouldn’t believe how many times I hear a comment like  “I haven’t been in my tackle box since last year’s Canada vacation”.  Now I enjoy selling new fishing line to fishermen.  But we don’t sell fishing reels and I too am a backyard mechanic who you don’t want working on your… Read more »

Photo Contest Winners

We are proud to announce the 2010 Photo Contest winners at Woman River Camp! Third Place, a $100 Woman River Camp voucher, goes to Brad Fuller and Wes Knepp.  Brad and Wes have been enjoying an annual fall fishing trip to Woman River Camp since 2002. Second Place, a $300 Woman River Camp voucher, goes… Read more »

Text with Paul at Woman River Camp

I am trying to become more available to our guests for quick questions, short conversations and just to stay in touch with our family of outdoorsmen! Text Moss at 807-221-6570. Another way for you, our friends and guests to stay in touch with us @ Woman River Camp. Share some laughs. Fluorocarbon fishing line is… Read more »

Watching the SuperBowl in Omaha

I am heading to Omaha, Nebraska, Sunday morning. With good weather under our wheels, we will be at the CoCo Key Water Resort (formerly Holiday Inn Convention Centre in plenty of time to watch the SuperBowl. I am looking forward to a great game! The All Canada Show begins Monday. Pick up tickets 50% off… Read more »

Visit Woman River Camp at the All Canada Show and talk fishing trips!

Woman River Camp will be at the All Canada Show at the St.Charles Convention Center, Missouri, Saturday Jan. 8 (10am- 6pm) & Sunday, Jan. 9 (10am – 4pm) Tonight had a good turn out and we look forward to the rest of the weekend booking fishing trips. Come see our new banner and Show Special!… Read more »

Merry Christmas

Wishing a Merry Christmas & a healthy, prosperous New Year! Cool weather of late has produced over 10 inches of ice on the Woman River. As of December 15th. It looks to be a great year for ice fishing! Place safe and fish hard! Merry Christmas

Moose Hunt – we have a bull tag available

Our Moose hunter cancelled – last minute. Anyone interested in a Bull Moose rifle hunt, please contact Paul immediately. We have been seeing some dandy moose during the first week of the rifle season. The warm weather at the start of the week had them moving during the night but things are starting to cool… Read more »

Trout come up early this fall

Guests are catching Lake Trout in shallow water. Our lake must have turned over in the past couple of days. Back yard Bruin bagged by Deb. Check out photos on facebook fan page.

Great Fall Fishing is here!

The air is cooler, the leaves are starting to change colour, even falling off of some trees.  Morning fog over the lake indicates our water is cooling and will soon turn over.  When the lake turns over is always a guess but wow is the Lake Trout fishing incredible when it does.  Like flipping a… Read more »

Crossing the Border…egg recall in U.S.A.

Due to the recall of eggs in the United States, the border may not allow eggs to cross into Canada. Woman River Camp suggests for the time being, anyone travelling across the border to NOT bring eggs with them. Purchase them in Canada.

Great Week

Weather has been great….a little hail never hurt. But makes lousy snowballs. Fishing has been great! Rain held off for burger night. Blueberries are ripe! Guests are great! Tip of the week — remember to bring a camera! Ask Dean about his 41″ Northern Pike. No bragging rights for him. lol! Thanks to everyone for… Read more »

Fishing and Travel report to Ear Falls, Ontario, Canada

Hello everyone, We are still receiving questions about Hwy 502 as a travel route to Ear Falls and then onto Woman River Camp.  Hwy 502 is presently being paved.  Guests inform us they have experienced delays of 10 – 60 minutes in total.  Usually by a flagman.  Our summers are short up here so the… Read more »

Fishing summer Walleye and Northern Pike in Canada

Our fishing has been tremendous of late.  Pull up to a windy shoreline and start casting with a search lure.  Catch a Walleye and switch to a jig and minnow.  Seven feet has been the magical depth for the most part.  We are starting to see Walleye move to rock humps and points but the… Read more »

Fishing Line – What to use and when

The question popped up this week.  What type of fishing line do you use?  Well my response was like this.  It really depends on how you are fishing. When I am casting with my bait casting rod, I like a line that has some resistance against abrasion.  With some stretch because I like to set… Read more »