Summer is here

Well, we believe summer has arrived at Woman River Camp.  Late but here.  Warm weather, sunshine, showers and a nice Walleye chop! Smallmouth are hitting topwater, Walleye are eating nightcrawlers, and the monster Northern Pike have setup in their ambush spots on the lake.  The only thing missing to have the Walleye move to their… Read more »

Fishing Report

The weather may be cool but the fish are active!  Water temperatures are still in the low 50’s.  When warm water is found, so are the fish.  Lots of slot Walleyes and we are still catching some big Northern Pike.  The plainest of rigs for walleye with lindy rigs and slip bobbers leading the way. … Read more »

Travel Tip – Pack Warm Clothes For Cold Weather

Travel Tip #1 – [Packing] Late ice out means cooler temperatures than we are use to. Wonder what to pack for cool Canadian weather? Remember to pack that extra pair of mittens and toque. We still have plenty of frost in the ground and the foot of snow we received May 15 has really kept… Read more »

The Fisherman’s Checklist

The Fisherman’s Checklist – created by Woman River Camp! After providing fishing trips to thousands of guests with all ranges of angling experience (and all ranges of luck), we’ve been able to create the ultimate Fisherman’s Checklist of what you need to bring fishing! The Fisherman’s Checklist is actually Two-Lists-In-One: The Absolute Essentials The Nice-To-Have-Along… Read more »

Fishing Rod and Reel Tips

I like to fish a 6-7 rod with a fairly stiff tip when I am jigging or casting cranks, and light spoons.  Fishing rods that extend all the way through the handle to the butt will give you more sensitivity.  Be sure the rod has some backbone for good hook sets.  Match a reel to… Read more »

Walleye Fishing Tips

Walleye fishing Main colours for Walleye are chartreuse, orange, red, blue, black, white, gold, and silver. I lean towards the perch colours like chartreuse and orange. Most of our walleye are caught on some type of a live bait. Northland Weed Weasel or the likes for casting and trolling through vegetation. Northland Whistler jigs or… Read more »